Fun Fact: I love nerds. Growing up, I was a major bookworm! Below you can find my favorite books and tech products. Everything has been tried, tested, and loved by me!


The Sony a5100

This is the second pro camera I've owned, and it's by far, my fave! Every professional video and photo I create is with this camera.

Softbox Light Kits

These are large, lightweight, and assist in three-point lighting (although I now use them more than my ring light)!

14" or 18" Ring Light

This is the only product I have not tried myself - the ring light I purchased years ago is no longer in production, but is similar to this. I have had women in my Video Queen Course win this ring light and they love it!

Phone Selfie Ring Light

Perfect for when on-the-go or in dimly lit places!

Selfie Stick Tripod

An amazing selfie stick + tripod for LIVE video and so much more.

Universal Flexible Wrapable Leg Tripod

This little baby is legit. I love its flexibility, and use it with my Sony a5100 (it can also be used to hold a phone)!


In 2013 I picked up my very first personal development book, The Compound Effect, and everything changed.


The Power of Vulnerability speaks to my soul (every time) and helped me learn how to stop taking things so personally.

The Success Principles taught me the Law of Attraction better than anything else, and radically helped me create a mental shift.

Before being personally coached by Lisa Nichols, Abundance Now taught me how to get in radical action, practice guided meditation (which changed my life & dropped my blood pressure over 26 pts!), and how to lead a fulfilled life.

Dave Ramsey is an amazing businessman, and EntreLeadership is great for any entrepreneur who leads a team or works with people.

Bluefishing helped me think outside the box when it came to sales, and deliver a better customer experience. I can't recommend this book enough!


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