Josie Naikoi is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and specializes in helping women battle insulin resistance and lose stubborn fat. 

After leaving an abusive marriage and going through heartbreak and divorce over ten years ago, Josie's mission is to empower women to never settle, set boundaries, and find the self love they deserve.

In 2008, she graduated from Paul Mitchell and worked as a hair stylist for seven years, before retiring to work her online health coaching business full time, from home, in 2015.

After coaching hundreds of women in health, life, and business, Josie has been able to send her half-sister to university in Kenya (where she graduated with a teaching degree in July of 2019).

Josie has family in Missouri, Colorado, California, Michigan, and Africa. She currently lives in Missouri with her husband, Daniel, and their three dogs, Zeus, Marvel, and Voxy.

Josie is a Sagittarius and personal development junkie. She loves Bruno Mars, zip-lining, yoga pants, and The Office. Her favorite food is Mexican, with lots of cheese dip. Loads of it. Like, an obnoxious amount of cheese dip.


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